Management is recognized as one of the first food and beverage concession management companies in the nation and has withheld a great reputation for providing quality brands and superior customer service. JDDA acquired Airport Entertainment One and continued to expand the legacy of providing first-class customer service to airport travelers. Furthermore, JDDA developed the company’s portfolio to incorporate retail concessions. The company services Bush Intercontinental Airport and has continued to expand to numerous airport locations. With years of airport concession experience, JDDA is successful in creating innovative concession concepts and services in the airport industry. 


Mr. Yoo is a seasoned executive with more than 24 years experience in the startup businesses. He is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. His maintenance and construction service companies consistently achieve top-growth rankings in the Houston marketplace, due in large part to his strategic leadership. Yoo has a successful track record for forging solid alliances with venture partners and collaborating productively with decision makers in the business and public sectors.

Jason Yoo has been affiliated with numerous community organizations, including the Building Service Contractors Association International, the Korean-American Association of Houston, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce, the West Houston Chamber of Commerce, and the Korean World Mission Council. His thorough knowledge of Asian cultures and business practices has allowed him to serve as Asian Advisor to the Mayor’s Office in Houston. He has received several industry awards and personal recognition from the offices of Mayor Lee Brown and President Bill Clinton. He majored in Public Administration at Myong-Ji University, in Seoul, Korea. He has completed the Executive Time Management Course at Rice University in Houston, Texas, as well as the Community MBA course at the University of Texas, Houston.



Chulmin Oh, CFO of JDDA Concession Management, Inc.,  is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of Texas and Indiana.  He graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University majoring in accounting and retains 15 years of diversified public accounting experience advising accounting, financing, and taxations for various industries of small and mid-sized businesses.

While serving as CFO, Chulmin increased the quality of the company’s financial reporting structures and the efficiency of financing and accounting functions of JDDA.  He also believes in giving back to community.



With more than 10 years of executive experience in airport concessions, Mr. Yoo’s expertise ranges from food preparation and kitchen operations to managing over 20,000 square feet of food and beverage operations at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport. In his role as Senior Vice President of Operations for JDDA Concession Management, he is responsible for leasing, overseeing, and managing over 30 restaurant locations.

Daniel’s primary focus is to ensure customer satisfaction through the effective operation of JDDA’s food and beverage concepts, by analyzing operations and identifying opportunities to develop innovative and cost effective solutions. As a highly experienced airport concessions executive, he strives to enhance JDDA’s core competencies, increase revenue and improve on the company’s product and service offerings to the custom



Joe Reid, a US Navy veteran, brings 30 years experience in the restaurant business to JDDA. He practices data analytics and performance/operational metrics to increase ROI. His leadership builds strong teams to execute operational and strategic activities simultaneously. By promoting superior internal and external customer experience  strong relationships he grows a firm foundation for JDDA.



Diane holds certifications in the restaurant and retail industry (M/WBE and ACDBE). As a seasoned entrepreneur, she successfully launched proprietary restaurants with powerful global retail brands for over 15 years. She manages a portfolio of Fortune 500 brands in retail, QSR, fast casual, and fine dining. As a senior executive for JDDA, she develops local, regional, and national master license/franchises including a partnership with Asia’s largest skincare and beauty company.

In addition, Diane launched a national pitch competition in over 6 cities including LA, Austin, NY, North Carolina, and the DC area.  She mentored and advised over 20+ startup companies and invested in 30+ companies. Her active involvement includes Houston’s venture capital ecosystem such as Houston Exponential Early Stage Committee, Capital Summit Committee, Center for Houston’s Future Steering Committee, Houston Smart Cities Committee, Mass Challenge Expert, Grace Hopper, Hera Summit, and ImpactHub.  She leads the Techpreneurs program and spearheads Houston’s  entrepreneurship educational program for school districts. Diane serves on Houston City Council’s Women and Minority Entrepreneurship Committee and frequently speaks on women entrepreneurship.

Diane received a B.S. from Baylor University and an MBA from Rice University.  Special honors include an official proclamation by Houston City Council as well as the Texas House of Representatives for community leadership, and “Diane Yoo Day” by the City of Houston.

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