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jason-webMr. Yoo is a seasoned executive with more than 24 years experience in the startup businesses. He is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. His maintenance and construction service companies consistently achieve top-growth rankings in the Houston marketplace, due in large part to his strategic leadership. Yoo has a successful track record for forging solid alliances with venture partners and collaborating productively with decision makers in the business and public sectors.


Jason Yoo has been affiliated with numerous community organizations, including the Building Service Contractors Association International, the Korean-American Association of Houston, the Asian American Chamber of Commerce, the West Houston Chamber of Commerce, and the Korean World Mission Council. His thorough knowledge of Asian cultures and business practices has allowed him to serve as Asian Advisor to the Mayor’s Office in Houston. He has received several industry awards and personal recognition from the offices of Mayor Lee Brown and President Bill Clinton. He majored in Public Administration at Myong-Ji University, in Seoul, Korea. He has completed the Executive Time Management Course at Rice University in Houston, Texas, as well as the Community MBA course at the University of Texas, Houston.